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I Viet Cong diventano Preoccupations

Ricordate che lo scorso Settembre i Viet Cong erano giunti alla conclusione di dover cambiare ragione sociale, in modo da non dover più rischiare di offendere il popolo vietnamita? Ebbene, la band canadese ha finalmente trovato e ufficializzato il nuovo nome, che da ora in avanti sarà Preoccupations. Di seguito il comunicato diffuso dalla band:

After finishing our latest record and taking some time off, we are excited to announce that we will be performing and recording as “Preoccupations” going forward. We will be previewing new material from a forthcoming record in a series of festivals and shows in North America and Europe in the coming months. We apologize to those who were adversely affected by our former band name. This was never anticipated nor our intent. We are artists and not politicians, we understand that the name reflected pain to some individuals and we are happy to change it and move on and focus on our music. Thanks to all our friends and fans. See you all soon.