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Gli STP ricordano Scott Weiland

Un anno fa, il 3 Dicembre del 2015, un’overdose di alcool e droghe stroncava la vita di Scott Weiland, ex frontman degli Stone Temple Pilots impegnato in quel momento nel suo tour da solista con i The Wildabouts, la sua nuova band. Ieri, per ricordare l’anniversario della sua scomparsa gli ex compagni degli Stone Temple Pilots hanno diffuso il seguente messaggio:

Here we are. A year has passed since you’ve been gone. We often think of you and are reminded of you daily with many memories. Then there is the music the four of us carved out allowing us to listen and feel how brilliant you are. There was a time when we looked up to one another. Each of us wanting one another’s approval. The songs we wrote had to have complete impact on us in order for them to shine. When it did… it was unearthly. Perhaps you are in a place now to better describe it.

We miss you Scott.