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Trent Reznor ha scritto ai Depeche Mode

Per un anno i Depeche Mode hanno affidato la gestione della propria pagina Facebook ai fan. L’incaricato di oggi è lo skateboarder Tony Hawk, che ha contattato niente poco di meno che Trent Reznor per farsi lasciare un messaggio riguardo la band di Dave Gahan. Ne è venuto fuori un indiscutibile attestato di stima del mastermind dei Nine Inch Nails nei confronti della band inglese, eccolo riportato qui in basso integralmente:

It was the summer of ’86. I’d dropped out of college and was living in Cleveland trying to find my way in the local music scene. I knew where I wanted to go with my life but I didn’t know how to get there. A group of friends and I drove down to Blossom Music Center amphitheater to see the Black Celebration tour. DM was one of our favorite bands and the Black Celebration record took my love for them to a new level.

I’ve thought about that night a lot over the years. It was a perfect summer night and I was in exactly the right place I was supposed to be. The music, the energy, the audience, the connection… it was spiritual and truly magic. I left that show grateful, humbled, energized, focused, and in awe of how powerful and transformative music can be… and I started writing what would eventually become Pretty Hate Machine.

Many times, particularly when we’re playing an amphitheater, I’ll think of that show while I’m onstage and hope someone in the audience is in the midst of a perfect summer night feeling how DM made me feel so many years ago.

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